Your pet was not only a true friend and companion, but a family member. When you lose someone so dear and who meant so much to you, there are no words to describe the depth of your feelings of sadness.

Treasured Friends is a place to help you cope with your grief. It’s our hope that the articles, videos and resources here will assist you as you navigate your heartache and honor the loving relationship you and your pet shared. 


Finding Peace when Pets Die

A beautiful 3 minute video by best-selling author
Jon Katz.

Loss of a Beloved Pet Video

A pet counselor talks about ways to cope with the loss of your pet.

Last Will & Testament of An Extremely
Distinguished Dog

A poignant reminder of the joy and happiness that only a loving and loyal dog can provide.

Reading Resources

Recommended and helpful books for adults and children.

Grief Hotlines

Pet Grief Counselling by Telephone

Blog - Personal Stores of Pet Love and Loss

Read the stories of others who have walked the path of pet loss.

Custom Memorial Keepsakes

A healing memorial with a Treasured Friends custom keepsake.